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The universe as our witness.

This was our first experience with an elopement in Bali.

What excited us wasn't just the unique venue, Lost Lindenberg, but also the celebration of love in a very modest manner. This type of wedding resonated with us deeply. When it's solely about celebrating love, with the universe as our witness.

The sacred vows, meant for no ears but those of the waves and the trees. Tears dropping onto the sand, carried away by the ocean, and laughter echoing to the depths of our souls.

In this modern world, where everyone and everything seeks attention, needing to be flashy and epic, some of the most beautiful things don't crave attention. We know love takes many forms, and now we understand that love can be celebrated in various ways. The greatest gift bestowed upon us by God is the beauty of the universe, the beauty of love. And in this elopement, everything merged into one harmonious unity.

Thank you, G&S, for showing us and giving us the opportunity.

For those of you reading, here's a message for you:

"No matter what happens, your soulmate will find you. Love will find you in the end."

We're here on this planet to witness the beauty of life and the universe. So, enjoy every single moment of it! Don't wait to love, don't wait to enjoy it. Everyone deserves to find love like this. Everyone deserves to be loved.

With all love and souls, Namasa. ----

Photography by Chesoen Tan #NamasaChesoen Organized by Lotus Weddings Decoration by DADA Island Make up and hair by Emma Shi Venue Lost Lindenberg

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