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We at Namasa are storytellers and memory-keepers. Our passion for capturing moments began in 2017, inspired by the majestic Manaslu, the mountain of the spirit. We are drawn to the Sanskrit meaning of the mountain, "intellect" and "soul," and strive to imbue our photographs with these qualities. Each image we create is a window into the essence of a moment, the soul of a memory.

Our logo, crafted in the handwriting of our founder inside his notebook after his trip to Nepal, symbolizes our commitment to authenticity, capturing moments in all their raw and beautiful glory. We believe that photographs have the power to transport us through time, evoking emotions and bringing memories flooding back.

Our goal is simple: to preserve memories, to tell stories, and to share the soul of a moment. Join us on this journey, and let us help you hold onto the memories that matter most.

Since the day they began in 2017, Namasa's promise has remained steadfast, To preserve memories through their works, with each day their commitment tasked. Five years have passed, and in the wedding industry, they've made their name, Inspiring others with their passion, and in their art, they've found their aim.

Their spirit remains undimmed, to constantly learn and grow anew, To bring their clients the best possible results, their promise they'll continuously pursue. For they understand the value of memories, especially in times of strife, Preserving them through their works, bringing comfort and joy to life.

Like a fine wine, they hope to mature, their growth and grace to unfold. As a team, they'll continue to flourish, their journey yet untold. With enthusiasm and dedication, they'll provide the best for their clients, Their creativity and consistency forever shine and be brilliant.

So here's to Namasa and their journey to preserve memories bright, Bringing comfort and joy to people with each memory they ignite.

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Ruko Drupadi Corner, Jl. Drupadi

Seminyak - Bali


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