Love is a conscious action. It is a valuable journey within self, family, friends, and partner. 

Depicting memories and telling stories of people, life, and love is what we do in Namasa.

We photograph you and your moments as they are, as authentic and honest as they appear and  feel,

for you to remember and cherish as a legacy of your lifetime. 


We create bold, deep, and timeless photographs.

In the world of photography, being  genuinely and effortlessly unique, yet remains modest are

the quality we offer in our work. It is our commitment to pay attention to the little details of your dream and hope. We would travel worldwide to deeply capture and share the visual alluring serenade of your  voyage as meaningful memories of your life. This has become our passion and soul since  2017. Wedding and other memorable moments are worth portrayed beautifully whether it  is in the style of portraits, documentary, or art.

Here in Namasa, the journey you celebrate is  the imagination we create.