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We, at Namasa, are storytellers and memory-keepers. Our passion for capturing moments began in July 2017, inspired by the majestic mountain of the spirit, Manaslu.

We are drawn to the Sanskrit meaning of the mountain, "intellect" and "soul," and strive to imbue our photographs with those qualities. Each image we create is a window into the essence of a moment, the soul of a memory.

Our logo, written in the handwriting of our founder Chesoen Tan, was crafted in the artistic haven of Ubud, Bali. It serves as a symbol of our commitment to authenticity, to capturing moments just as they are, in all their raw and beautiful glory.

We believe that photographs have the power to transport us through time, to evoke emotions and bring memories flooding back. We travel the world, seeking out love stories, capturing the essence of cultures, and sharing the beauty of life with the world.

Our goal is simple: to preserve memories, to tell stories, and to share the soul of a moment. Join us on this journey, and let us help you hold onto the memories that matter most.

Our Story


A decade of capturing life through a lens as a freelance photographer, Chesoen Tan yearned for something more. He heeded the call of his passion and founded Namasa, a sanctuary for his love of photography. There, he rediscovered the magic of film and analog cameras, and breathed new life into the industry. With each captured moment, Chesoen believes that portraits have the power to preserve memories, to hold a piece of time forever in the stillness of a frame. He endeavors to craft images that will stir the emotions and endure through the ages.


Under the leadership of founder Chesoen Tan, has quickly gained international recognition as a premier photography company. With its unique approach to portraiture and its commitment to capturing the essence of its subjects, Namasa has become a sought-after provider of photography services, especially for couples.

From far and wide, clients have travelled to Bali to work with Chesoen and his team, drawn by the promise of timeless, emotional images that will preserve the memories of their special day for years to come. Namasa's reputation for excellence has grown as more and more clients share their experiences and the stunning results they received. With each new project, Namasa continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in photography and to solidify its position as one of the leading photography companies in the world.


The addition of Bagus Subono to the Namasa team brought a new energy to the company. With his easy-going and fun style of photography, Bagus added a new dimension to the team's approach to capturing memories. His casual and relaxed style made clients feel at ease, allowing him to capture their true essence in his images. The new spirit infused into the company by Bagus' arrival helped Namasa reach a broader understanding of people's needs and desires, and the company responded by creating a short pre-wedding package.


This two-hour session was designed to give couples a taste of the Namasa experience and to provide them with beautiful, natural images that captured the excitement and joy of their upcoming nuptials. With Bagus on board and the creation of this new package, Namasa continues to grow and evolve, offering clients a unique and enjoyable photography experience that they will treasure for years to come.


The pandemic brought a new set of challenges for Namasa, as the company lost a significant portion of its income due to cancelled weddings and events. The company was forced to close its doors and let go of some of its team members, who decided to pursue other paths in their lives. The remaining members, however, were determined to overcome the obstacles presented by the pandemic. They adapted to working from home and found new ways to serve their clients. Despite the uncertainty and difficulties, the team at Namasa refused to give up on their love of photography and their belief in the power of portraits to preserve memories and bring joy to people's lives. Through their perseverance and creativity, they were able to not only survive but emerge from the pandemic stronger and more resilient.


The team at Namasa has embarked on a new chapter, marked by important personal and professional changes. Some team members have recently become engaged or married, which has deepened their appreciation for the importance of capturing and preserving memories. As a result, they are more determined than ever to help couples preserve the special moments of their lives.

Along with these personal changes, the team has also moved into a brand new studio and office. This new space offers a modern and spacious environment that will enable them to provide an even higher level of service to their clients. They now have the resources and facilities to better accommodate the needs of their clients and deliver even more stunning, memorable works.

2022 - Present time

Since the day they began in 2017, Namasa's promise has remained steadfast, To preserve memories through their works, with each day their commitment tasked. Five years have passed, and in the wedding industry, they've made their name, Inspiring others with their passion, and in their art, they've found their aim.

Their spirit remains undimmed, to constantly learn and grow anew, To bring their clients the best possible results, their promise they'll continuously pursue. For they understand the value of memories, especially in times of strife, Preserving them through their works, bringing comfort and joy to life.

Like a fine wine, they hope to mature, their growth and grace to unfold. As a team, they'll continue to flourish, their journey yet untold. With enthusiasm and dedication, they'll provide the best for their clients, Their creativity and consistency forever shine and be brilliant.

So here's to Namasa and their journey to preserve memories bright, Bringing comfort and joy to people with each memory they ignite.

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