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With a heart full of passion and a lens full of light, Chesoen Tan sets out to capture the world, one memory at a time. Having earned a diploma from The Photography Institute and honed his skills through years of experience as a freelance photographer, he knows the power of a single frame to tell a story and preserve a moment forever. He sees photographs as a way to delve into the past, travel back in time, and feel the essence of bygone days.


So, with a mission to share the stories of others, he founded Namasa, a testament to his dedication to his art. Ever eager to learn and grow, Chesoen is a student of life, constantly striving to bring more beauty and meaning into the world through his lens. His work has been captured in two published books and exhibited for all to see in shows such as "Bahasa Hati – Sandrayati Fay" and "Indonesian Windows" endorsed by Indonesian Consulate in New York City.


Chesoen Tan is a true poet with a camera, his images are a symphony of light and emotion, capturing life in all its stunning glory.

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