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Bold & Radiant: Jolan & Zoe's Wedding Day

Bold and radiant, that's how we describe Jolan & Zoe's wedding day. From the first look to the third, they both showcased their unique characters, creating an experience far from ordinary.

Their dinner and celebration were graced by their closest friends and families, adding an extra layer of beauty. Everyone, including ourselves, was swept away by the intimate and magical atmosphere.

With a collection of trees standing tall in the background, their roots planted who knows how long ago, the sound of the wind rustling through them, and the echoes of wedding vows filling the sky of Ubud, everyone was hypnotized. Our cameras were busy capturing every moment.

So, let our pictures speak louder than our words. Without further ado, please enjoy some of the curated photos in this blog. We hope you love them as much as we do, and we hope you find some inspiration too.

With all our love and souls,



Photography by Chesoen Tan #NamasaChesoen

Makeup and hair by Zhuo Wei

Organized by LOTUS wedding

Wedding Venue The Sayan House, Ubud

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