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Capturing the Essence of Love: Justin and Maria's Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in Bali.

It all started in the Land of Down, a virtual world where Justin and Maria's paths first crossed. But it wasn't until they met in person at Hachii that their love story truly began.

Justin's first impression of Maria was that she was taller than he expected and a bit chatty. But as they got to know each other, he realized that beneath her Miss Indonesia NTT 2017 title, she was just a girl who needed to be loved.

What made Maria stand out to Justin was her kindness and fun-loving spirit. He saw their future together, and it was clear that they were meant to be.

It's the small details that make their love story special. From the way they help each other, even with the little things, to the balance they bring to each other's personalities. Justin, who is a bit shy, is brought out of his shell by Maria's natural ability to express herself in front of the camera.

Their pre-wedding photoshoot at Pantai Melasti in Bali perfectly captured the essence of their love story. With a sports car and fashion fusion concept, they created a unique and personal atmosphere that showcased their individuality.

Through the lens of photographer Bagus Subono, their personalities and romance shone through in every photo. It was a reminder that pre-wedding photoshoots are essential in expressing a couple's love and unique story.

As they say, "Trust is all we need." For Justin and Maria, trust has been the foundation of their relationship. It has allowed them to be themselves, to express their individuality, and to break free from the traditions that bind them.

It's clear that trust is the foundation of Justin and Maria's relationship. It's what allows them to be themselves and express their individuality, breaking free from the traditions that bind us.

Their pre-wedding photoshoot was a beautiful expression of that trust, as they allowed themselves to be vulnerable in front of the camera and to share their unique love story with the world. We want to thank Justin and Maria for trusting us too, and for allowing us to capture their love in such a special and personal way. We wish them all the best in their future together, and we know that their love will only continue to grow stronger over time.

Photography Bagus Subono. #NamasaBagus #NamasaWeddings

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