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Love Bond, Arvhie & Jessie.

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

All started in that day when they were both still in the elementary school. They became friends even they’re studied in different school, they tried to keep in touch and being friends.

Yet, distance and all obstacle on that years made them drifted away. Walked on their own path during the teenage life, however the world made them find each other again.

And that's probably thing that we called a love bond.

A process of getting know someone day by day is such a precious things. They’re getting more detail about the one they love, things like what is the color of their eyes, or how their eyebrow's shape, how that smile could make your heart skip a beat, or realize their hugs is as warm as the sun shine during the cloudy days.

When people say that time flies, it really does flies pretty fast. Days are brighter, their laugh is a bit louder, and those sad time feels a little bit lighter when they have each other. The world doesn’t seem scary anymore, because they know, at the end of the day, they have shoulder to lean on. Being comfortable around each other is something that we all took for granted, so we have to appreciate it day by day.

Walking this journey of life together for 8 years brought the chemistry between Arvhi and Jessi. They have been through so much, not just the up and sweet moments, but also those down and bitter phases in life. Through those times they learn about each other, both of the imperfect side and also the good. They become each other reminder and strength to be a better person.

For some people being in a long term relationship means we need to deal with all the boring moments as well, but not for this two, they seems like enjoying every single moment together! They definitely knows how to make things feels better and happier. You should take a look at their youtube channel and you will know how wonderful they are as a person and a couple.

Photography by Bagus for Namasa.

Makeup by Gina.

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