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Two sides in one page, Sarah & Will.

Two sides in one page, that’s Sarah and Will. Sarah such a cheerful girl yet really well-planned and Will kind of gentleman who’s always agree as long as this is right and makes you happy. Looking both walk together make us realized, what’s mean together will be together in any ways.

Summer 2015 in Hongkong, Will make his first move but failed. But don’t worry Sarah cover it! She text him the next day because she knew this is will be more. Been together for years make Will decided to propose Sarah 8 months ago. Not a kind of fancy dinner but it happened under the breathtaking sky with thousands star and yes it happened in Bali!

Two days before the wedding day and thank God we are in Bali!

We, Namasa, with our photographer Chesoen Tan, agree to do the sunsets photo session with them. Such an easy-peasy couple, they can enjoy every moves and just feel the passion of loving each other. We are loved to capture the moment and we are really lucky because we find the beautiful soul to be captured in our camera.

The wedding day finally arrived!

All the preparation will be become reality and one step foward for being husband and wife. We are really excited, also Sarah and Will. Our beautiful bride look really relax while do her make up. And Will, our groom, he’s trying to be chill but we knew he is not. He’s can’t wait to call Sarah, mine.

Fresh air and blue sky, oh dear God, thank you for such a perfect day. Family and friends coming and ready to welcome our couple.

“ Wandering the streets all through the night. Searching for the one to make me right. Wondering if she's the shade of you. And if so, should i try to see it through? “ Lover Boy-Phum Viphurit

Faintly playing this song while the groom walk. From the way he smile, we know he is more than ready.

From a distance we found a woman in white dress. She is real, she is divine, she is our Bride, Sarah. When Sarah’s father giving her hand and kiss her hand, we found out where this love begin.

Everything beautiful in the right way, no one want to missed any moment.

They will be always day-one to each other. Will be as day-zero when was no one.

They meant to be together.

Thank you for showing us that you are day-one to each other.

I hope this series of pictures will represent all the details of the feelings and also all of the moment.

With all love and souls,

Chesoen Tan

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