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The story of Harris & Firly

In the cold breeze of a hotel porch in Bandung, Harris kneeled down and asked Firly to

marry her. She said yes. A new journey of their relationship started there.

Looking back, they had their first encounter through an online karaoke game “Showtime”.

Time passed, no contact threaded. A few years later, they reconnected and chemistry

bloomed. For the first time ever, they met each other in person In Surabaya. The

rendezvous has left not only good memories, but also sparked some fondness towards each

other. Their story continued and moved forward to a more committed relationship a couple

of years later.

Like many other relationships, there has always been ups and downs, highs and lows, falling

and rising within the journey of their love together. They are aware it takes endurance and

commitment to work it out. Despite the obstacles they have been through, Harris has

always been drawn to Firly and vice versa. She had him at her randomness and nosiness.

Meanwhile, he had her at his commitment to her.

As the relationship progressed, tying the knot was the next thing in line. Fast forward, the

evening at the hotel porch in Bandung moved their journey to the next phase.

Tears ran through their face as they reminisced it all during their pre-wedding session with

Namasa. It was one of the most memorable moments they have shared as they went deep

into each other’s feelings and thoughts.

There is a saying, “the best thing to hold onto in life is each other”. Harris and Firly have

each other in their life to move forward in the next page of their life, as a partner, learning

and growing together in love.

Those were the pictures of love journey, the beauty and warmth of it, that Namasa

portrayed in their pre-wedding session. From Namasa for them to remember.

Photography by Chesoen Tan for Namasa

Make up and hair by Sheila Kho

Fashion styled by Ribka Budiman

Writing by Marie Marou for Namasa

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