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The ordinary love story, Andre & Gracia.

Both Andre & Gracia don’t know how to describe their romantic story and they don’t know what is the special things they have.

Well, let me tell them and also all of you my perspective.

For me, Andre & Gracia share love in the most simplest way.

Nothing too much but you definitely can feel it when you are around them. As far as I know, Andre is one of the funniest and craziest guy that I ever know in my life. And on the other side, Gracia for me is the perfect match for Andre because she can accept the craziness of him.

I truly admire their souls. What they found ordinary are very special for me. Especially when I capture their portrait and also document their wedding, I can see deep chemistry between them and also between their family and friends! Nothing is being covered up, everyone look comfortable to one another and they could share happiness on the day.

In my humble opinion that’s a perfect wedding. When you are marry the perfect girl of your life and being around of the people who knows you better than yourself. Isn’t it?

Their wedding day is one of the most enjoyable and fun to shoot for me.

I cannot describe clearly how much I am grateful to be there and be in the middle of it.

They dance, sing, laugh, cry, and spread the love under the full moon that night. Thanks God for his wonderful painting that night.

There are a lot of emotional moments happened that day.

And one of the unforgetable moment is when the father of the bride sing an original song he wrote about the bride while they played the childhood pictures of the bride on the screen.

I hope this series of pictures will describe how beautiful their souls and how warm their love are. Happy wedding to you guys! Stay young forever! Cheers!

With all love and souls,

Chesoen Tan.

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