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The one when Bumi & Mega got married

Many people spend a lot of time planning their wedding day and imagining the decoration, the dress, the cake, how they will exchange their vows, and a lot more. For me, the hard work part isn't really about that.

It's more about building connections between two souls, two families, two different habits.

No one talks about what happened a day after the wedding or days of countless challenging situations in a relationship. It's like a wedding is the happy ending, just like in movies.

Have you ever watched a TV show or series that comes to an end, and you wonder what happened next for your favorite character? The stories end because the writer wants it that way. Our life's journey it's something different than that. We write our own stories, and we can choose to write whatever we want.

Bumi and Mega have been friends since elementary school.

For Mega, Bumi has always been an annoying little boy.

From a friend, best friend, and become a lifetime partner.

She witnessed how Bumi changed from a boy to a man, how He gave himself and surrendered himself to God. That makes her choose Bumi as her husband. Even they went through many challenges at the beginning of their relationship. They got through past that.

They separated almost 1.5 years, and being in a long-distance relationship doesn't make them stop growing both as a person or couple.

Also, in that period, many people who disagree with their relationship at first slowly give their green light.

After getting married in Surabaya celebrating their journey in love with their closest friends and family, they move to Africa for work.

Another chapter has begun, another challenge, another ups and downs story for them.

I am grateful that our paths crossed on their wedding day. And I could help them document a tiny dot in their life's journey. Now that they make another journey in a new world, I only can pray and hope all the best for them. Just like what I said at the beginning of this story, a wedding is not a happy ending—it is just another episode of life. It takes a lifetime to see it as a whole complete story.

But I hope in hard times. They can play and look back at "The one when Bumi and Mega got married" episode and move on to write another episode.

For couples or people struggling right now, please consider that it is just another lousy episode you hate from your favorite shows. And you got the power to write the next episode on your own.

Here I present to you some of their wedding photos for you.

I hope you enjoy this episode of their long life story.

With my heart and soul,

Chesoen Tan.

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