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The distance in between, Hassan & Ajeng

I met Hassan & Ajeng in the studio for their portrait session,

I think 3-4 weeks before their wedding day. It was fun and relaxed photoshoot! They both are so good being infront of the camera for me.

On their big day, they did the preparation separately,

Ajeng was in her house and Hassan was in a hotel.

After Ajeng did some preparation, she went to the ballroom with all of her family and wait for Hassan to come.

While Hassan went to the ballroom on foot from his hotel along with all his family. It was so exciting!

So, basicly man are not allowed to enter the woman’s room until the groom did the Ijab Kabul.

Hassan was in a room full of man and Ajeng was in a room full of woman. But lucky me, I am the photographer and I got the pass in both room! ;)

Inside the groom’s room, they started the ceremony with prayers before they did the Ijab Kabul.

Everyone in the bride's room looked tense but calm at the same time, waited and see what happened inside the groom’s room on a large TV.

To be honest it’s also make me a little bit nervous because the groom only had 3 attempts.

But guess what? Hassan nailed the Ijab Kabul on the first attempt!

The reception was so beautiful with all the beautiful decorations and light.

As you can see in the pictures later, they both look stunning on their traditional attire!

Ah and I almost forget about the Gatot Kaca! Gatot Kaca lead their way to the main stage with some of the traditional dancing and of course, the traditional javanese music!

Without lingering for longer, let's take a look at the photos of Hassan and Ajeng's big day. Their wedding day definetely one of my favorite wedding ever!

Hope they like all the pictures as much as I do :)

Anyway, I made some of questions and gave it to Ajeng and here’s her answer.

1. How did you guys meet?

The first time i met my husband was in a wedding party. It was my cousin’s wedding who happened to be married to Hassan’s friends. So he was there to attend the wedding too. He saw me singing at the party from a big screen and apparently amazed by my voice ;) He asked his friends if they’d know me. One of his friend’s wife actually knows me and introduced us at the end. It was the most awkward moment, since everybody was staring at us while hassan was asking for my number.

The next day he started texting, and the conversations began from there.

however, in the beginning, it wasn’t that intense of talking/texting until a year later.

Since, he lived in Jakarta, and i was still studying abroad at that time, LDR wasn’t really helping for the relationship to grow.

But, we sort of found our way and enjoy it together.

2. What is the most unforgetable things in your relationship?

The LDR is the most unforgetable thing and probably the main thing of our relationship.

After studying abroad, i came back to Surabaya and he was still in Jakarta, so the LDR was still going strong.

We were basically in a LDR from the start until finally got married 3,5 years later.

3. Is there any details you cannot forget on your wedding day? If any tell us what it is.

I super love the music of that night. it could bring lots of different people get together and had fun. If i could go back in time, i would repeat the party and asked people to daaaance !

4. How do you define your wedding day?

It was a fun, relaxed, yet romantic and elegant.

5. Describe in max. 5 words about you and your relationship.

LDR, trust, fun, loving and independent.

6. Give us some sweet honey words to be added in the blog.

For all the girls who love to overthink things (especially in LDR) ; No matter what happen in your relationship, as long as you both trust and respect each other, you both will do just fine ;)

Organized by Project Art Plus

Videography : Save The Date

Makeup : Hepi David

Paes : Benn Bagoes

Kebaya : Kisah kasih by Tinara

Coffee Corner : Corica

Photography : Chesoen Tan

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