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Couple That Left a Huge Impression, Gary & Feni

Our friends, Gary & Feni finally reached higher level of their love journey. Goofy couple with huge beagle energy, it was rare for us to saw them got into calm and intimate moment just like during their holy matrimony. It was also slightly odd to saw Gary got nervous. He even asked his closest friend, Stephen to accompany him to the bathroom a moment before the holy matrimony started. And for Feni she just gave us her playful "metal kecil" to hid her nervousness, but we definitely love that pose a lot!

Everyone knows that the couple love each other so much, but it's also not a news that they also loved by others. Take a small example of Gary's belt and bow tie. It was crafted by one of his close friend only for him to wear on his special day. And for Feni, her friends threw a fun karaoke night to celebrate her bachelorette party psssttt I was there too.

If we have to describe how It was during their wedding, it was a roller coaster of emotions in a positive way. Everyone put a warm smile and shed a happy tears on their wedding, but in split of second everyone was filled with energy and laughter. Forget a slow dancing moment, the couple was dancing and jumping excitedly to Whitesnake - Is This Love played by their closest friends. As Gary's dad favourite heavy metal song began to play, everyone was banging their heads and sang at the top of their lungs. It was insane and lively!

It's our pleasure to witness such a truthful wedding. No sugar coat needed, they are always able to show their sweetness in unique way... in Gary & Feni's way.


We are glad that we had a chance to capture the beautiful scenes.

But most importantly,

We are forever glad that the relationship behind the scenes is meant to last forever.


Wedding organizer @majestichocuspocus

Groom's hair stylist @madassbyndaru

Groom's suit @biehintailor

Bride's dress @deasytantrabride

Bride's make up @naomilane

Master of Ceremony @opannkk @yohanesalbertus

Decoration @enchant.event

Venue @timesatmilieu

Food @surabecatering


Band @jamorjet_official

Souvenirs @rovegift

Photography by Chesoen Tan for Namasa Portraire

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