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A modern love.

"A love that dismisses all confines,

Comes swiftly, no heed to designs.

Souls converge, fate's subtle tether,

Urging hearts on, bound together."

- A modern love. --

Photographer's note: "Since forever, I've firmly believed that a great photo session doesn't necessarily require a long time. I believe that the connection and trust between partners are paramount. Combined with their trust in the photographer and the team capturing their essence, story, and life moments, unique photos are created—ones not easily replicated. It's not just about the photographer's ability to craft remarkably unique photos, prioritizing technical aspects alone, but also about fostering a connection and comfort that translates into the photos.

When I photographed Kris & Shelli, that instant connection was established, making the photo session effortless.

In every photoshoot, my hope is that as you, the reader, view the photos I present, you can somewhat feel what they felt. What I felt. Whatever feelings arise in your mind, I return them to you. Enjoy this brief glimpse into their photo session. May it endure forever."

Warm regards,

Chesoen Tan


Do you believe in soulmates? What are the signs that the person you choose is the real one? Who is he/she? All of these are the biggest questions that are difficult to answer for us, humans. What we know is that love is always hard to understand. A feeling we always seek. --

-- “BW Edition. Second slide: flour all over the floor. I guess this one's all in black & white because there's too much flour, like a scene on screen where there's too much blood, they make it black & white.” - Shelli. -- - 2024

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