Chesoen Tan has always had such intense love and passion for photography. He pursued his goal by obtaining a Diploma of Professional Photography from The Photography Institute in 2020.
He started his journey as a freelance photographer in 2010 and has learned from many great wedding photographers. With that experience, he founded Namasa in 2017 and continues to give his life to helping people to preserve memories.

He sees photographs as a powerful tool to tell people's stories. 
He wants people to have the power to go back through time with his works, to feel and remember again what already passed. 
He is very curious and loves to meet new people and learn new things. It makes him always want to learn more and more. Growing as a person and also as a photographer.

He published a documentary photography book "Bahasa Hati – Sandrayati Fay, in 2017 and a travel photo book of Japan called "Blossom" in 2020. 
Chesoen Tan was also part of some photo exhibitions, including the Dua Jiwa wedding photo exhibition, Empat Sisi photo exhibition, and his project "Terpatri" photo series, which was exhibited at Volks Coffee Surabaya. Last but not least, He had his work displayed at "Indonesian Windows," a photo exhibition endorsed by the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in New York City.