Chesoen Tan

“It is when I take photos, I feel drawn into an imaginative creative world where I live in the  moment”, Chesoen Tan uttered on his passion in photography. Started his journey in  photography humbly by taking photos out of mobile phone’s camera in high school,  Chesoen Tan has always had such strong determination in achieving his dream in  photography, and therefore, he pursued his goal by obtaining a Diploma of Professional  Photography from The Photography Institute. The credential enabled him to start his  journey as a professional photographer in 2010 and to finally became the founder of  Namasa in 2017. 

Chesoen Tan sees photographs as a powerful tool to tell people’s stories. However, he  paints and tells the story of his life with different colours. Playing a game or two of  basketball, cooking, strumming on his guitar while singing or simply listening to music,  reading as well as writing are among the things he dwells into when he’s not behind the  lens.

Namasa, however, is a space where his wondrous soul and mind alchemize into work  of art.

His vision of photography and art were poured through some of his work. He published a  documentary photography book “Bahasa Hati – Sandrayati Fay in 2017 and a travel photo  book of Japan called “Blossom” in 2020. Chesoen Tan was also part of some photo  exhibitions; Dua Jiwa wedding photo exhibition; Empat Sisi wedding photo exhibition; and  his own project “Terpatri” photo series, which was exhibited at Volks Coffee, Surabaya. The  last but not the least, He had his work exhibited at “Indonesian Windows”, a photo  exhibition endorsed by the Consulate General of Republic of Indonesia at New York City.