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To infinity and beyond, Victor & Renata

Let's start with a bit of fun fact here. Renata, the bride, was a high school friend of our photographer, Bagus. He said that many guys tried to win Renata's heart back in high school, but no one succeeded. The lucky guy is Victor.

It's almost impossible to explain how the way the universe work for us.

Even if Renata said he was not "my type" the first time she met him, that's not how their stories end. We believe that love is not about a competition to win someone else's heart but more of a connection and chemistry between two souls.

In October 2021, Victor and Renata chose Ubud, Bali, as the place to celebrate the love and commitment they've shared. They both love nature. And they said if they think beach's wedding is a bit too mainstream for them, plus, afraid if they will be drenched and suffering from the heat. As you know, the weather in Ubud is slightly milder than the beaches in Bali.

Wrapped in a beautiful and simple wedding dress, Renata stood in front of Victor, covered in an elegant black suit exchanging their wedding vows.

"Words are saying that if you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together. So today, I chose to cover that distance with you. And from this day forward, I believe our journey will be adventurous. But let's hike these paths of life together and let God guide us on our journey. Therefore, from this day forward, I promise that I will care for you, honor you, protect you, encourage you, cherish you, and love you unconditionally. Till death do us part." said Victor on his vows.

"Today, by the grace of God, I take you victor to be my husband. I vow to you to love you unconditionally, always encourage you, trust you and respect you. I will walk beside you through all situations in our marriage. I believe God blesses and wisdom upon our wedding until death do us part.

I'm looking forward to having a great adventure in life with you. You're my soulmate, love, and life, today and forever." said Renata on her vows.

Everyone's faces showered with many smiles and happy tears when the celebrant announced them as the newly married couple.

The day continued with an intimate dinner with their closest friends and families. The weather in the room gets warmer and warmer when they make their first entrance, then continue with their first dance. The rest of the night blended in joy, laughter, and happiness.

Without further ado, here are some of the photos from their wedding.

We hope they will enjoy their journey in life to infinity and beyond. Cheers!

Photography by Bagus Subono for Namasa.

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