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The second date, Goldy & Vina

" My love for you spans over the lines of past, present, and future.

You are what I love remembering,

what I love experiencing,

what I love looking forward to. " - Steve Maraboli.

Have you ever met someone for a brief moment, but you feel like you know that person before? It's like you have a depth in soul with that person, and time stop for you while your mind and soul dance with them while the conversation turns into countless seconds, then minutes, even hours. That's what Vina felt when she met Goldy for their first date after crossing their path through Tinder.

The universe work on its magic in a very, very mysterious way.

On their second date, Goldy took Vina to a restaurant on a Hill near the city with beautiful views and weather. And he said, "I want to get married here." Not knowing that it would be her who became the bride, that becomes a reality on September 26th, 2021!

Sometimes you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time, but in the end, you'd know you're actually with the right person at the right time, like it's meant to be.

With all the challenges they encountered on the difference of their religion, they defeated it. In the end, they found each other in God, and now they're on the same boat sailing the journey of life together, stronger as a couple.

On their wedding day, the rain suddenly fell really hard while Goldy & Vina were still on their way to the venue. With all the decorations already set, guests were coming, everyone looked worried and stressed. Plus, Goldy and Vina were late for the ceremony. But again, Universe worked its magic. The rain stopped when Vina started to walk down the aisle with her father, but, on the other hand, happy tears began to stream on the ceremony. Everything was just on time and on point. Everyone looked happy and enjoyed that evening.

Pandemic situations change people's lives but not the kindness and love inside our being.

We always believe that no matter how hard it is, love will always win eventually. Here are some of the photos taken by Chesoen Tan from their wedding day. We hope it makes all of us remember in the shadiest hours, there will be someone or something that brings out the light and shows you the beauty of life, just like Goldy & Vina.

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