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The perfect watercolor painting, Gwan & Tiffany

Can you imagine what if a beautiful yet quite-messy painter met a purist businessman? quite entertainin, huh? Pure fun was what i felt when we did a couple session with Gwan and Tiffany last October in Yogya. Surprisingly, their wedding day was as pleasing as their couple session. These lovers are the most laid back groom & bride that i’ve ever work with, and i’m really grateful that i’m  allowed to be part of their journey.

Saturday, June 15th 2019 was a great Sunday morning, and I’m with the rest of the crew was standing by at 5 a.m to get ready for that fine day. Tiffany was doing her wedding make up while calling her bridesmaid just to make sure everything is okay. Watching these beautiful yet nerve wracking moments closely and being able to capture those moments are priceless. We didn’t left the details out too, all endearing decoration that crafted with passion. among those beautiful ornament there’s one eye-catching water color painting, which is painted by Tiffany herself.

Her passion in art industry is unreal, from making an art piece from water color to making mural for many different sort of client. She’s still choose this dynamic industry even though this industry is man dominance. Tiffany is such brave, strong, beautiful bride. At the other side, Gwan is a businessman who maintaining stability is what he do best. These two different soul with two different interest and world can found each other and fall in love, isn’t it funny how our universe work?

The Wedding went really well that day, and time flies quickly. The night ceremonial begun pretty well, the building filled with happiness and joy. Dearest family and all beloved friends gather to share and celebrate the union of these two souls, while watching them singing can i have this dance from Zack Efron. This tale is such a long beautiful journey that filled with laughter, tears, happiness, silly and lovely moments that becomes their life time memories, and now they’re starting a new chapter together and paint their perfect painting of their life.

With love,


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