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Happy wedding anniversary, David & Revanny

Today is their wedding anniversary. We asked her, how is it like to be a married couple? Here’s her answers.

“It turned out to be a very exciting as a married couple. It's as if we have friends who live with us and can do everything together.

Of course there are times when we have to learn about each other and it's not an easy process. But it’s the beauty of it. I guess this learning process will never end, it keeps repeating and you have to learn by doing. We must learn being open about ourselves, open about our plans for the future as honest as it is.

For me, who is an 'outspoken' person, it is easy to open up with my husband. For him,

who is a more reserved and introverted person, he has to manage so much effort to be open to me. The learning process is fun and getting more exciting every day. Many new things and silly things I found out about my husband after the wedding. And it just makes me loves him even more.

Hopefully the pandemic will end soon and we can go travel. Do a honeymoon trip because it was one of my bucket list. To go to Japan had to fail because of the pandemic in 2020. There are also many dreams for both of us that have not been achieved, and we hope that they can be achieved soon."

We're forever grateful to help David & Revanny to create memories through our works.

We also hope all their dreams will slowly come true!

Here we present to you some of the pre-wedding photos taken by Bagus & Dimas in Bali and also some photos of their wedding day taken by Chesoen Tan. We hope with these series of photos makes them remember some of the feelings and emotion they have on their wedding day. May the love they have grow each and every day.

With all love and soul,


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