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Flowers in the garden, Nelly & Erens

"Love is the flower you've got to let grow." - John Lennon.

As a lover since high school, both Nelly and Erens always give their time to cultivate their love and commitment. They understand that loving and being loved needs constant effort, just like building a flower garden.

To make it beautiful, you need to plant several flowers, organize them, fertilize the soil, water them, give it enough sunlight, till finally, you can watch and enjoy it when it blooms. Because you love your garden, it might not be hard to do all the hard work. It feels so effortless.

That's what Nelly and Erens feel about their relationship, It may be problems and differences in their garden, but somehow those differences make it more beautiful. For Nelly, Erens is a loving and caring person. He never judges people by their past, and he is consistently persistent about his truth. When Nelly has a bad day, he will always listen and understand. For Erens, Nelly is like his guardian angel. When things go wrong, he knows that she will always be there, praying and supporting him in her way.

On December 21st, 2021, They tied the knots and committed to a lifetime journey together. Here we will present some of the photos by Bagus from their wedding day. We hope you enjoy it.

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