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Hi everyone! How are you? We wanted to say hi and send you all love from the other side of the screen and hoping you're all healthy and happy no matter what the circumstances we're all facing right now.

As we're all know, these pandemic situation hit the world and changed our way of life, force us to adapt and strive to survive. We at Namasa totally aware and trying our best to help others with working from home since March 17th, 2020.

To support our clients, we also provides easy reschedule for wedding, engagement, or any kind of photoshoot until they feel comfortable and these current situation better. We do this because we're deeply understand that it's not easy to handle both mentally and maybe financially to plan a wedding. But, don't let these bother us creating new memories!

Portrait of the bride from S&C's wedding.

Since the beginning, Namasa already and always put our top priority to help people document their memories into a timeless pieces of pictures/photographs. We're committed to create pictures not just to amaze others. For us, wedding celebration is never about the scale. It is always about a celebration when two souls collides and committed to sails the journey of life which pictures/photographs could be a greatest treasure for them to be treasured, valued and help them to look back and feel all the journey they've been through.

With our classic, clean, honest, modest and timeless styles, We hope those beautiful memories will never fades. Even when the time flies by, the trend changing, those pictures will always dazzle and win your heart.

Meanwhile, We're now facing the most challenging and hard times as a wedding vendor but it won't stop us to keep moving forward, developing ourself, getting better and also trying to be mentally and physically healthy to give our best for our clients! We're blessed and forever grateful for them who already believe and give us opportunity to help them document their special day. Most of all, we will never stop carry on our duty. We want good times to be captured, all the smiles and laughter you'll had with all your friends and family become the greatest treasure for you to cherish in the future. Nothing will bother us creating arts and new memories for you! Please don't hesitate to contact us if you're planning engagement, wedding, or any other kind of events. We're more than happy to help!

At last, don't forget to always spreading positivity and supports each other. Because it always been our superiority as a human being. Remember that love always wins.

With all love and heart,


Picture from N&W's traditional engagement in Kuala Lumpur.

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