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Dimas is a quiet type of person. He is an introvert, great with philosophies and deep conversation. His passion for photography started when he was still in high school. And started his debut as a freelance wedding photographer in 2006. He got a lot of experience in the photography industry when he was a photographer for Deteksi in Jawa Pos, one of the leading newspapers in East Java, and photographed some Indonesian public figures. Becoming a guest speaker in many photography workshops held by universities in Surabaya between 2009 – 2018 was among his achievements in his career. 

Photography is one of the most essential things in his life. But also 3 people in his life matter the most to him, his mom, daughter, and wife. He will do everything he can to be his family's best son, dad, and husband. 

If you want to reflect on your life's journey in a photograph, he is the one! His picture will capture you in the perfect light and shows your personality. And that's what makes his work extraordinary. 
Having a conversation with him is a great experience because he is someone who appreciates differences and tries to understand things from different perspectives. 

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