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“I want to create a visual where people can feel the moment”, voiced Dimas Prawira on the  photographs he captures. His passion in photography started from when he was still in high  school, when he first learned to take photos with his neighbour. He, then, deepened his knowledge and skills in photography when he attended University majoring in Multimedia and started his debut as a freelance wedding photographer in 2006.

In 2008, he worked as a photographer for Deteksi in Jawa Pos, one of the leading  newspapers in East Java, and photographed some Indonesian public figures. Becoming a  guest speaker in many photography workshops held by universities in Surabaya between  the year of 2009 – 2018 were among his achievements in his career. The list does not stop  there. Dimas has also become the photographer for the bulletin of National Hospital,  Surabaya. He started from the 1st edition until the most current one, the 11th edition, and  this is an on-going project.  

His journey with Namasa began when he met Chesoen Tan at a wedding exhibition. After  some chit chats and discussions, they both found each other’s visions are aligned. From  there, Chesoen Tan tagged him along to become part of Namasa, and he took it.