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Biancha is one of the most bright and cheerful people on our team. She loves to laugh and brings joy to the days in our studio. Despite that, she also is a deep person in thought and feeling. She puts the happiness of others because, according to her, love is about giving the best in anything. Being an independent woman is one of her dreams. She takes care of her problems and helps others solve theirs. 

She is a bachelor's in business management. She worked as a freelance wedding organizer crew for a few years, which made her genuinely understand all the challenges in wedding preparation. She decided to join the Namasa's team in 2022 as a Project Manager. With her excellent work ethic and spirit, She can help our photographers to manage every task smoothly without breaking a sweat.

Sharing the same passion for helping people preserve their memories in the form of beautiful photos, Biancha is ready to help you prepare all the details and ensure you will get the best results possible.

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