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Clean and back-to-basic photographs are his signature. His passion for photography started when he was studying design in University back in 2010.

He was instantly drawn into street and journalism photography.

The path of wedding photography, however, was the one he chose

because he could explore more styles of photography in this field.

Bagus began his journey professionally as a freelance photographer.

In 2014, he joined a photography company and continued to work there as part of their team until 2017. On 2017, he worked independently as a professional photographer. Joining Namasa

team in 2018, he syncs well with the soul of Namasa and has become one of the valuable pillars of the team.

Bagus, by far, has photographed over than 100 weddings.

Apart from his professional journey, 

Bagus Subono enjoys black coffee “tubruk”.

Building custom motorbikes are also his other fascination in life. Bagus may look a bit shy, but his photographs are bold.