Bagus began his journey professionally as a freelance photographer.

With over 100 weddings he has done, in 2018, He joined Namasa's team.

He syncs well with the soul of Namasa and has become one of the valuable pillars of the family. He loves to try new things and is deeply in love with life. You can see in all of his works that he constantly grows. 

You'll realize and feel one thing after you meet Bagus: he is very humble, warm, and kind. Plus, He is a very, very good listener. 
He got married to his love of his love in 2022, which made him more understand the need and essential things he can bring home from a wedding, just the memories from that day.

If you're looking for a friend to do an adventure or just try a good coffee shop in town, don't hesitate to ask him! He will be a perfect pair for it.